Six Things to Consider When Outsourcing Church Bookkeeping

Here are Six Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your Church Bookkeeping:

1.  Church Experience:  What kind of direct experience does the firm leadership have in local church financial leadership (from a staff and/or elder leadership level), including a deep understanding of the “language of church.”   

2.  Client Profile:  Does the firm have a focus on serving churches, or is it a side segment of their client base?   Are the churches they serve of a similar size and stage?

3.  Technology:  Do they use the latest technology (cloud based software, paperless bookkeeping, mobile apps), and do they integrate with the ecosystem of software your church is already using?

4.  The True Value Add:  Consider not only how much time it will save me, but how much additional high-level expertise can you can gain from outsourcing.  We would argue you want to find not only a bookkeeper, but strategic partner in your ministry.

5.  References:  Contact several current client references to hear about their experience working with the firm.  Ensure they are similar in size and stage to your church.

6.  Cost:  Does the up front and monthly cost make sense from a cost savings perspective (saving staff wages or reallocating current staff), and your current budget?  As you grow, the price will increase, so are you willing to absorb that into your operating budget?

Please let us know if we can help as you consider outsourcing your bookkeeping.  We offer a free, no-obligation, one-hour consultation.     

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